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Sean Dorcellus (pictured above) was interested in a future centered on sports, and he chose Newhouse for its well-known broadcasting program and acclaimed lineup of alumni sportscasters. As a student, he interned with Syracuse Athletics and had the opportunity to cover the Tokyo Olympics as an intern for NBC. “I had some pretty good communication skills coming into SU, but those have all been enhanced by having the opportunity to work hands-on in class, interviewing people on campus and in the community, and working with other students.”


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If you want a career in communications, the Newhouse School at Syracuse University is the best place to make it happen.

From your very first day at Newhouse, you’ll not only be learning—you’ll be doing. Taught by professors with extensive professional experience, trained on the tools and technologies used in industry settings and supported by a thriving, diverse community of Newhouse alumni, you’ll gain the academic knowledge, practical skills and networking opportunities that will secure your career success.


Newhouse School at Syracuse University

Engage with a powerful, highly accomplished alumni network.

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Newhouse School at Syracuse University

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Academic Programs


Learn to combine creativity, strategy, innovation and technology to reach audiences around the world. In our program, you can join our student-run ad agency, compete in international advertising competitions and choose a track to customize your education according to your career goals.

Broadcast and Digital Journalism

Newhouse is known throughout the industry as the best place for aspiring broadcasters. Our word-class digital newsroom allows you to get hands-on experience using all the latest tools and technologies. You produce stories for our student news source and cover everything from national elections to Syracuse University sports.

Graphic Design

If you’re a visual thinker with a passion for creative problem solving, this program is for you. At Newhouse, you prepare for a creative career in a variety of digital, print, motion, immersive and emerging fields while learning from professionals on campus and in the industry.

Magazine, News and Digital Journalism

Develop a diverse set of skills and learn to craft stories across platforms and reach audiences wherever they are. At Newhouse, you hone your abilities in writing, editing, interviewing and reporting while you gain experience in design, data and multimedia. You can also work on large-scale projects and report for our student-run news site.


Find your unique visual voice and implement your creative vision as you gain both storytelling and technical skills. You grow as a multimedia producer, a critical thinker and a professional visual artist who is prepared to work in virtually every visual medium—from print to multimedia, still to video, artistic to commercial.

Public Relations

Gain practical PR knowledge and skills while supplementing your education with internships and participation in our student-run PR firm. Build a portfolio of real-world samples, and learn to help shape and lead communications operations in a range of professional settings.

Recording and Entertainment Industries (Bandier Program)

This program combines study of the business of music, media, marketing and entrepreneurship with hands-on experiences while connecting you with the biggest names in the industry. A required internship in New York or Los Angeles prepares you for leadership positions in the music industry.

Television, Radio and Film

Prepare for a career in entertainment and learn to tell stories for screens of all sizes. Delve into storytelling, industry, technology and art form and gain the skills you need to be part of the creative, management and production processes. You can also participate in our Syracuse University Los Angeles Semester program and spend time living, learning and working in the entertainment capital of the world.